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BcoinBux now a part of Real Profit Advertising Solutions
Published on May 17th, 2020 03:55 am

Dear Members,

Invincibleaugu here and quite experienced in PTC Business.

Because the business has failed in the initial phase, and we appreciate the courage of the Admin that he wants to continue with the business though he has suffered with a lot of loss, from today will be RPA (Real Profit Advertising Solutions).

Keep supporting us with your deposits here and bonus will be added in your purchase balance.
1. $5.00-$50 - 5% Bonus
2. $51.00-150.00 - 10% Bonus
3. $151.00 and Above - 15% Bonus

Please do not rent RR until Sunday (17-05-2020) as we are still testing the system. For the depositors we have completed the available withdrawals and once we finish everything by Sunday they will be availed with new and updated RRs to keep their memberships live.

Also we have changed the silver upgrade promotion of 1 year to 10000 to only 1000 members.

Referral contest is still running and no changes in it. But rewards after 10000 memberships only. So keep promoting us for amazing rewards.

Once again, happy to take over this amazing platform for an amazing journey ahead.

Bcoinbux Admin

Week 4 @ BcoinBux - Something For Our Members
Published on May 06th, 2020 04:03 am

Dear Team,

I would like to come up with the 4th week analysis of BcoinBux and 72 hours behind to complete our one month of online.

This time I would like to share something so important to our valuable members. BCoinBux is not an easy grab money and go platform. All the settings have been made with so much of calculations so that members will earn sustainable long-term income at the same time the business will remain fruitful all the time.

We would suggest the members to be careful with the RR system. The RRs will become inactive in 20 days where members should be careful about the strategy to make the RR system profitable. Though they provide best quality average, to sustain that average, members should use the autopay and auto recycle strategy here at BcoinBux. For further details, I would suggest all to have knowledge about the Referral Strategy in FAQs.

Lets now come to the 4th week Analysis:
Total Deposits: $ 81 (PerfectMoney & Payeer)
Total Withdrawals: $20 (Payeer)

We have also running a 3 months worth promotion of $90 and as a result some amazing improvements in our Alexa Ranking (81,932)

We have migrated our Server because of the http 500 error due to clash with our previous hosting and the evolutionscript. And in quick time I have made a migration of server to a better platform yesterday and for that $26 has been already paid for.

Also new banners will be introduced at the same time a much better design is under consideration for

Your time, efforts, money you spend and you earn are much valuable to us. This is a promise that you can trust.

PS: Also we would like to warn members who join here for a quick profit. I would like to say, if you are looking for a sustainable income long term only, join us and for which a bit of time you should provide to grow your income.


First Month End Report April 2020
Published on May 01st, 2020 01:27 am


Dear BcoinBux Mates,

Happy to follow-up with our first month business analysis to our members. From the moment I have planned for the business until now I have faced a lot of challenges. Overcoming all those difficulties, Bcoinbux proudly presents the First Month End Business Analysis.


As admin and owner, I wish all the members at BcoinBux Good Luck and also promise to bring in many more surprises as we grow. Till then enjoy your stay at BcoinBux. 



Big Launch Message. Beta Phase Over
Published on Apr 24th, 2020 11:16 pm

Dear Members,

First of all, we congratulate all the members who have given immense support during our beta phase and registered your partnership with an everlasting ongoing business We have opened the beta phase on the 8th of April and during this phase we have been working hard on the platform which can work completely well without any errors. There were certain bugs we have came up during the last 7 days and it has been completely fixed and all the settings working absolutely fine.

You can trust our business as this is a genuine platform with Legit Evolutionscript and Licensed addons.

On this day, April 24, 2020, we are happy to announce the final launch of bcoinbux. As it is the inauguration of this auspicious business, we would like to introduce our first REFERRAL CONTEST to all the members which is linked with amazing prizes with value addition.

Also introducing new payment processor Paykrill to our platform. Users can deposit and also withdraw with this additional processor on condition that, deposits required for withdrawal with Paykrill.

You may read our Contests and Promotion section to get more information about the Referral Contests and its winnings.

For BcoinBux, as owner and Admin here, I, once again wish all the best for choosing us and we wish you all the best for an amazing journey with us.


Chron Failure
Published on Apr 10th, 2020 08:44 pm

Dear Valuable members,

BcoinBux has faced a chron job failure today. Have taken necessary actions to resolve the same. This has actually affected with Rented Referrals clicks for the day also.

For the members who have purchased Rented Referrals and in case affects their earnings, kindly give a reply here. we definitely will compensate for the day or by completely assigned with new rented referrals for your account.

Kindly bare with us for the same for 24 hours to analyse and give a confirmation on the issue.


Launch Promotion and Deposit Bonus
Published on Apr 08th, 2020 10:16 pm

Dear Members at BcoinBux,

We are happy to introduce the launch promotion for the first 10000 members with a silver membership for one year.

We would also like to extend a deposit bonus promotion here for the first 30 days until 7th of May 2020.

$5 to $10 - 2%
$11 to $25 - 4%
$26 to $50 - 6%
$50 to $100 - 8%
$100 and above 9%

Try not to forget using our Traffic Exchange. Reach 1200000 Visits and Earn a handfull of 120000 points worth 1 year Golden Memberships.


BcoinBux Admin

BcoinBux has finally launched
Published on Apr 08th, 2020 10:15 pm

Dear Valuable Members,

Apologies for the sudden action that the business team taken against for a legit script update for which the site was put under maintenance this far. We would like to inform that; we are going for beta phase for the next 30 days.

A few addons and options has now been removed temporarily as we are moving with a legit script. But at the same time the business has been made much more profitable for the members, that everyone will love spending time at BcoinBux.

As launch promotion, we would we would like to offer one-year silver membership for the first 10000 members.

At BcoinBux, we will be offering a superb advertisement offering with our Traffic Exchange system where members will earn credits upon a proportion of 1:1 ratio. For members who finds difficulty in finding a place to advertise and promote their earning website, our traffic exchange can be used to generate free ad credits. Those who complete 1200000 ad views will be offered with 120000 points which can be used for upgrades.

Point System here at BcoinBux, will be for membership upgrades in the initial phase of our business. As a launch promotion, the point conversion ratio is 1000 points per $1.

Introduced with profitable RR system and click values and profitable clixgrid, there is no single space you will find here where you incur loss.

All the payment processors are verified we will be dealing with, PerfectMoney, Bitcoin and Payeer in the beginning. We will try to bring in more options if the business demands for.

Happy to be back. And we welcome all once again for an amazing journey at BcoinBux


BcoinBux Admin

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